The Book Matrix

This was my first podcast channel ever!

I confess it's a little rough, but it is chock full of book reviews including the classics and most of the religious texts.

Check it out!

NOTE: This website organizes my content for you in ways Podcast channels can't. And this main page will inform you what I'm working on.

What I'm working on now (4/1/2023): 

  1. My focus is on updating/fixing my websites. As well as, 
  2. Re-recording older podcasts to improve their quality;
  3. I am inserting fun challenge podcasts into the Septuagint Audio Bible, to help you catch mysteries you may have missed, and to celebrate the ones you have found; 
  4. And I will try to make the Septuagint easier to download (and provide a way to add in or filter out the challenge podcasts as desired).
Though I remain an avid reader, it will most likely be a few years before I add to the content of the Book Matrix. I'm accumulating notes, but my focus is on the other channels for now. Feel free to to make book requests ( or suggestions, which I will compile for podcasts/reading at a future date.