Welcome to the Hub for All My Channels!

Welcome! This website organizes my content for you in ways Podcast channels can't. Also, this main page will inform you what I'm working on (feel free to make requests. I often drop what I'm doing, to make a podcast for those who ask. 

What I'm working on now (4/1/2023): 

  1. My focus is on updating/fixing my websites (below). As well as, 
  2. Re-recording older podcasts to improve their quality;
  3. I am inserting fun challenge podcasts into the Septuagint Audio Bible, to help you catch mysteries you may have missed, and to celebrate the ones you have found; 
  4. And I will try to make the Septuagint easier to download (and provide a way to add in or filter out the challenge podcasts as desired).

Over the years, my ministry has clearly been attacked. So if you notice delays, lift up a prayer for me and feel free to make requests: tombradford6@icloud.com

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